Jan 1, 2013

RSV and Snow trip

 Our poor little Riley man caught RSV and has been on breathing treatments to help his lungs.  He has been tolerating them better than expected and his cough is much better than before.  
 We had to decide whether to go to the snow or beach today.  We decided the snow.  Have I ever said I love living where we are?  You can't beat it!  
 I taught Ty that you can eat the snow.  Ryan didn't like the idea of that, but as a child, I loved! eating the snow.  I wanted to share the wonderful memory with him.  Yet, he didn't know to pick the clean stuff, hence the dirt and twigs hanging out of his mouth.  I guess I should have waited a few more years to tell him that fun secret :)
 A family was building a snowman and Tyler walked right up trying to help them. He looked cute up against the big snowman and got some wondering looks as he was hitting the snowman.  He saw them patting the snowman as they built it, so he thought he too should "hit" the snowman.  Glad he didn't knock him down.  

 He said, "no-no, bye-bye" when we had to go.  He liked it except when he got snow in his glove.  People were filling their trucks up with snow to bring it home (that is what we do here in California:) So Tyler thought he needed to help fill the trucks up, instead of playing. He would say, "piece" as he would insist we lift him up to put his snow into the bed of the truck.  

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The Bensons said...

I hope your little guy feels better soon!